Makers of the Market

AmaramA ART

AmaramA ART is a lifelong learner of the arts with 20+ years of experience in a variety of art mediums. A non-binary person who has a focus of fiber arts the past 16+ years, they enjoy using local wool and fibers. All hand dyed, needle felted and handspun with love.

Beth Sievers

Beth Sievers is a self-guided encaustic artist whose nature-inspired creations adorn locally salvaged wood. Her art is part of an ancient tradition that developed on the banks of the Mediterranean in Egyptian, Greek, and Roman culture. Working with a warmed mixture of beeswax, tree resin, and pigment, she manipulates her medium with a torch and sometimes will even set the entire painting ablaze.


Born and raised in Taiwan, Tiffany loves everything food, art, and travel. She has a degree in Fashion Design and draws inspiration from her travels around the world including the mountains and ocean of Taiwan. Currently Tiffany works as a photographer, food blogger, and occasional graphic and website designer.

Debra D’Souza

Debra D’Souza was born and raised in southern Minnesota, with a studio in Rochester. She has a BFA in Studio Art with a painting emphasis. She has studied with master mosaicists world-wide. Her mosaic art is featured in multiple local, regional, and national exhibitions, and in several permanent collections.

Don’t Judge a Book Recycled Creations

Melissa Eggler, from Rochester, is a local artist who uses only recycled and reclaimed items in her sewn, crocheted or jewelry creations. She has a passion for honoring local artisans and does so by organizing various handcrafted bazaars and events where they are featured. Melissa uses her process finding materials and creating her art as her THERAPY.

George Pottery

Ceramics is the art form that has most allowed me to explore my thoughts in a more tactile way and to express my creativity in a challenging and rewarding way. I describe my work as everyday items with character through alterations, texture and color.

Hanson Leather Co

Hanson Leather Co began as a hobby and, over the past six years, has evolved into our passion. Together, my wife and I strive to create a grade-A product that is worthy of your hard-earned money. We do our best to keep a creative mindset and a high standard of craftmanship.

Heather M. Roberts

Heather M. Roberts is an acrylic painter whose background lies in psychology, ecology, and art. She draws inspiration from time spent living, exploring, and working in the mountains of western Montana, northern Minnesota’s boreal forest and the prairies of her native southern MN.

Heather Wright

HM Wright is the Owner/Designer at Tulips & Truffles Florist in Rochester. She has a BFA from the Univ of MN Duluth, and has exhibited work in MN, WI, and OH, and locally at Minneapolis Institute of Art, RAC, Forager, Gallery 24, Herring Art & Frame, and Threshold Arts. Wright spent her college years primarily working in clay and drawing, moving to fiber arts for 20+ years, and now returning to drawing and illustration.

Hilltop Clay

Stephanie Kuglin, with Hilltop Clay, has a creative soul and a passion for beauty and artistry through clay. You can see many of her pieces throughout Rochester and surrounding areas. She began working with ceramics in her senior year of high school. With patience, time and practice she is able to turn a soft lump of clay into something beautiful. In 2016 she took a pottery class in Rochester and it has morphed into running her own home based business while still managing a busy family and homestead.

Keep Moving Clay

Owned by Kenny Jensen, a Rochester native who specializes in functional wheel thrown pottery. He found his love for pottery in high school, which led him to create an at-home studio to pursue his craft. Kenny hopes that his work serves as a daily reminder for you to Keep Moving towards the life you want.

Knotty Woodpecker

I’m Sean Archer, the woodpecker. Designing for function and beauty, I’m focused on furniture, jewelry, kitchenware, and anything you may need, created with traditional hand tools only. I like exploring the world, living simply, and using hand tools in all parts of life.

Patricia Dunn-Walker

After working in the design field, I took a break to teach English in Japan. Immersing myself in such a visually rich and ancient culture inspired me to shift my focus to fine art. I have always been inspired by collage. I collect found paper and old print because it has a past history that adds an organic quality to my paintings.

Pottery by Jessica

She values the aesthetic tradition of wabi-sabi which embraces imperfection and uniqueness and no one of her pieces is like the other. She uses a combination of retail and unique glaze recipes that were handed down from her mentor Greg Hathaway. She’s not afraid to try something new or try something in a new way, resulting in some truly unique pieces.

Sarah Hill Art

Hi there! I’m Sarah Hill, an animal-loving artist who delights in creating little sculptures and paintings.

I think art is about a moment, a mood, creating a little world; fun, romantic, whimsical, and colorful. Mostly I want to make something that causes people to smile each time they walk by.

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