Patricia Dunn-Walker

After working in the design field, I took a break to teach English in Japan. Immersing myself in such a visually rich and ancient culture inspired me to shift my focus to fine art. I have always been inspired by collage. I collect found paper and old print because it has a past history that adds an organic quality to my paintings.

SWEET Corn Brooms

Chris Nibbe, Broom Artist
My greatest joy is found in creating something uniquely original and useful with unorthodox handles. Most of my SWEET! corn brooms combine tradition with new materials. I use nylon crochet twine with Appalachian hand tying methods for almost everything. All my brooms are 100% broomcorn.

Don’t Judge a Book Recycled Creations

Melissa Eggler, from Rochester, is a local artist who uses only recycled and reclaimed items in her sewn, crocheted or jewelry creations. She has a passion for honoring local artisans and does so by organizing various handcrafted bazaars and events where they are featured. Melissa uses her process finding materials and creating her art as her THERAPY.

Beth Sievers

Beth Sievers is a self-guided encaustic artist whose nature-inspired creations adorn locally salvaged wood. Her art is part of an ancient tradition that developed on the banks of the Mediterranean in Egyptian, Greek, and Roman culture. Working with a warmed mixture of beeswax, tree resin, and pigment, she manipulates her medium with a torch and sometimes will even set the entire painting ablaze.

AmaramA ART

AmaramA ART is a lifelong learner of the arts with 20+ years of experience in a variety of art mediums. A non-binary person who has a focus of fiber arts the past 16+ years, they enjoy using local wool and fibers. All hand dyed, needle felted and handspun with love.

Debra D’Souza

Debra D’Souza was born and raised in southern Minnesota, with a studio in Rochester. She has a BFA in Studio Art with a painting emphasis. She has studied with master mosaicists world-wide. Her mosaic art is featured in multiple local, regional, and national exhibitions, and in several permanent collections.

The Spur Trail

by Ian Hanson: Along with great feeling, my work often represents a story. Adventure is easy to come by if you only know how to look for it and how to use your perspective to become aware of the multiple storylines that accompany us even in the most mundane. Get out and find your own adventure.

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